Monday, June 22, 2009

Well it is Monday and the last week of the burn phase for me. I did not do well eating this weekend. This is where I am having my hang ups so many temptations that keep me from staying the course. This is very frustrating for me and really puts me in a negative way. Not sure why I can not stay focused!!!! I have health issues and you would think that would be enough. Food for me is powerful and I lose more then I win :-(
All I can do is try for another clean week of eating. Wish me luck...

I am looking forward to the next series in the chalean program. Not much progress in the first 30 days I am sad to report. I will measure and all June 30th.

Ciao for now.


  1. Keep pushing forward and keep your focus on what you are trying to do here. I know you have to want that more then you want food. Take your cooler with you packed with clean healthy eats whenever you leave your house. Never let the ick monster catch you off guard and unprepared. You can do this!!!! I believe in you!!!!

    ~Linda =)

  2. Thank you Linda. Your the best!!!